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About England

about england

On holiday to England or Great-Britain? Both are possible but what is the difference? Through Holydays you can book a holiday in Great Britain. This includes England, Scotland and Wales. If Northern Ireland were to be involved, we would speak of the United Kingdom. All major islands, including the Republic of Ireland and some smaller islands such as the Isle of Man, make up the British Isles.

Most accommodations Holydays offers can be found in England, which is divided into different counties. You will find an overview in the map on the right. When you click on a specific area, a page will appear with a description of it and some pictures for illustration. This way you can easily choose the country or area that suits you. In the enquiry form you can tick the areas of your preference. Get to know your favourite area and start reading into England, Wales and Scotland. Enjoy! counties. Dit is te zien op het kaartje hiernaast. Als u op een bepaald gebied klikt, verschijnt er een beschrijving daarvan en een aantal foto’s ter illustratie. Op deze manier kunt u gemakkelijk kiezen welk land of gebied bij u past. In het aanvraagformulier kunt u de gebieden van uw voorkeur aanvinken. Maak kennis met uw favoriete gebied en kom meer te weten over Engeland, Wales en Schotland. Enjoy!



What can Holydays offer you?

Searching, communication with the owner and making the booking are all taken care of. You just fill out the enquiry form without obligation, in which you state what your wishes are. When your request arrives at Holydays, the matches are listed and passed on to you. Once you have made a choice, Holydays will mediate between you and the owner of the accommodation. You will also receive suggestions regarding church attendance on Sunday. Once you have made your booking, you will receive all the information you need to prepare for a never-to-be-forgotten holiday to Great Britain.


Accommodations in Great Britain


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Book a holiday with Holydays and meet Christians from England, Wales or Scotland

Extra services

Extra services

Travel planning

Advice and help when booking a flight or crossing.

Tips for day trips

Proper day trips for your holidays.

Useful information

Be aware of customs and traditions in Great Britain.

For a well prepared journey, from just €25


Impression accommodations

Cottage 99 voorzijde Kent Engeland

Delightful farmhouse

Recently renovated farmhouse, situated on a hill with beautiful views on the surrounding area. Experience the atmosphere of the past, watch the many original features of the farmhouse while enjoying all the comforts of the present. Located in the south-eastern part of England it is only a short drive from Dover. You can spot wild animals from the cottage. Sheep, pigs and chickens are kept on the farm. The owner organizes excursions from the farm in the area. - Less than an hour's drive from Dover - View over the valley to the sea - Won several prizes - Play area for children - 4 - 6 people - From € 600 a week

Gezellig ingerichte woonkamer met open haard

Accommodation in Wales, newly refurbished

This cosily furnished house for two makes you feel welcome in Wales. The spacious garden is surrounded by bushes, trees and a babbling brook. - Contemporary cottage, completely refurbished in 2018 - Fully equipped - Located on a farm - Near castles and beach - From € 450 per week

Vakantiehuisje Schotland vanaf het strand

Cosy Scottish cottage with phenomenal sea views

In one of the many coves of the Scottish coast, right on the beach, is a cute white holiday home suitable for two people. A Scottish holiday home with a sea view. In front of the cottage a view on the sea, from the back you can see the highlands in the distance. There is a large number of faithful churches in the area. - Gairloch, Scotland - 1 bedroom with double bed - various churches in the area - from € 376 per week

About me

About me

Profielfoto Janine Floor Holydays
Let me introduce myself...

My name is Janine van Vliet. As a child I often went on holiday to England with my parents. Later I started to make some trips across the Channel on my own. All the while my love grew for the country and for the language. I started studying English and I became a teacher. I helped several students decide about a (work) holiday in different parts of Great Britain. I can recommend this country to everyone as a holiday destination. The different types of landscapes, the picturesque villages, the unique cultural traditions, the rich history, the experience of driving on the left, the friendly people, the hospitable fellowships in churches and chapels... My most cherished memories are from the places where I met the British people. I felt the Sundays were the highlights of my holidays.

Why this website?

Reformed Christians form a small minority in Britain. I would love to see Christians from here and there meeting each other and experience fellowship. There is an enormous range of holiday homes on the internet. I have collected data from dozens of holiday cottages / B&Bs / campsites that are run by Christians and are reasonably close to a church where people from Holland would feel at home. My selection of holiday accommodations is aimed at this. You can arrange your booking through me. In addition, I offer extra service such as arranging a crossing, tips for unique day trips in the area, travel advice. So, you can be well prepared for your trip, even if you don’t feel comfortable about arranging a holiday in English.

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