Scotland is located in the north of the United Kingdom, mainly characterized by mountains and lakes, pristine beaches and countless islets. In many places it feels as if time has stood still. Internet, running water and a good connection with the mainland are often not self-evident. Highlights in the Scottish Highlands to the north include (the monster of) Loch Ness and the highest mountain Ben Nevis, along with the Steal Waterfall. The highland capital, Inverness, has a lot to offer about Scottish culture, as well as the start and end of a spectacular 7-day tour. In the Scottish lowlands, one finds the vibrant cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Both cities can be admired from the surrounding hills after a nice climb. A number of major museums, such as the National Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh) and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (Glasgow) are also free to visit. Especially the south of Scotland has a rich church history. Edinburgh's main street for instance has memories of John Knox, Ralph Erskine and George Whitefield. Many churches where Scottish preachers once ministered with great blessings are also open for visitors daily.

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