What can be arranged for you?

You will be completely made carefree when searching and booking a holiday to Great Britain. You fill out the enquiry form without obligation, in which you state what your wishes are. When your request arrives at Holydays, the matches are listed and passed on to you. Once you have made a choice, Holydays will mediate between you and the owner of the accommodation. You will also receive suggestions regarding church attendance on Sunday. After you have made your booking, you will receive, in addition to an invoice, all the information you need to prepare for a never-to-be-forgotten holiday to Great Britain.


For a carefree holiday, I offer you the following extra services:

Veerboot in haven Calais Ferry terminal
Travel planning
Help in booking the crossing, flight or drive. Great Britain can be reached in different ways: by boat, train, bus and plane. I can advise you on the best way to travel and help you arrange your booking. This way you can reach the British Isles as cheap, as fast or as comfortable as possible.
You will receive:
  • Advice on the journey to the holiday destination and back home.
  • Overview of the various ferry services and the like with a comparison of prices, travel duration and comfort.
  • If desired assistance (on the phone) with the actual booking of ferry service and the like.

Chatsworth Castle en vijver in Derbyshire
Tips for day trips
Great Britain is a country with a rich history and a wide variety of landscapes. Many different experiences for everyone. Are you into cultural trips or would you prefer a beach holiday? Do you enjoy walking, cycling or would you like to relax instead? Holydays helps you to become familiar with the range of trips and in the vicinity of your holiday home.
You will receive:
  • An overview of at least one day trip per day of your holiday tailored to your preferences.

Document goed voorbereid op reis voetpad en kerk
Useful information
British people drive on the left, pay with pounds, speak a different language. The separation of waste is also different from what you are used to in the Netherlands. Do you have little or no experience with holidays in Great Britain and do you want to be well prepared for your trip? I offer a wide range of general tips about the customs in the country and answer all your questions that occur to you prior to the trip.
You will receive:
  • A document with about 10 pages full of issues for a carefree holiday in Great Britain. The following topics are discussed: travelling to and within the country, money and the church.

The extra services are made possible against payment. You pay €25 per service component.

June 27, 2020