South West

The South West of England has a long coastline that is famous for its beauty. Rugged rocks in different colours ensure an exciting coast walk. A special path has been constructed that runs along the entire coastline. The southern part of this area contains a maze of narrow to very narrow roads surrounded by bushes making it a real adventure to get off the main roads. Also famous is "Land's End", in the extreme southwestern tip. Several pieces are coloured green on the map, indicating a national park or area of outstanding natural beauty, for example the Cotswolds, where you will find numerous villages with limestone houses that breathe the atmosphere of the past. Your imagination may even go further back in time when you visit the stone circles of Stonehenge. At the end of the M5 (or at the start) is the beautiful city of Exeter, further north Bath and Bristol are well worth a visit.

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October 2, 2020