North East

As is often the case with border regions, also the north-eastern part of England has a long history of struggles for property. Castles and abbeys, whether or not partially destroyed, bear witness to this. The most striking structure at this height stretches across the breadth of England: Hadrian's Wall. This wall, built by order of Emperor Hadrian, was to protect Roman Britain from tribes from the north. Fortifications, towers and gates once stood along it, of which remains can be seen here and there. Today, however, the area between the wall and the border of Scotland has a tranquillity and desolation that is hard to find anywhere else in the country. Those looking for a little more fun can head to Newcastle and Gateshead, towns built on either side of the River Tyne. Newcastle has a rich cultural offer and Gateshead is home to the largest shopping centre in Europe. Those looking for a more historic city can go to Durham with a beautiful Norman castle and cathedral, situated on the river Wear.

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October 2, 2020